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Trading Types


Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price movement and volume.



Fundamental analysis looks at the economic factors that influence the markets. Fundamental analysis takes a long-term approach to investing compared to the short-term approach taken by technical analysis.



Volatility is an investment term that describes when a market or security experiences periods of unpredictable, and sometimes sharp, price movements. A lot can be made or lost.

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Trading Markets


The foreign exchange market, which is usually known as “forex” or “FX,” is the largest financial market in the world. Most of the currency transactions that occur in the global foreign exchange market are bought (and sold) for speculative reasons.


Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are digital assets that operate like normal currency but with notable differences. They use peer-to-peer payment methods, without the banks taking a cut with every transaction. There are no physical versions of the coins either.


Commodities are naturally occurring materials or goods that are collected and processed for use in human activity – such as oil, sugar, and precious metals. There are the Hard commodities; gold, oil, copper, natural gas, and Soft commodities; coffee, wheat, lumber, and cattle.



Indices measure the performance of a group of stocks. Rather than just focusing on the performance of a singular company, indices allow you to gauge the overall health and strength of a market, and you will have heard them being frequently referred to in the media.